We're on a journey to make privacy accessible to everyone.

Our objective is to empower everyone to control their digital identity. We enable individuals and families to restore their privacy by automating the removal of personal information from data broker's databases, such as: name, age, online history, phone number, address, relatives, emails, marital status, geolocation, health records, financial records, occupation and other demographic information

See what our customers say:

"I wanted something to block intrusive advertisements, but I found so much more instead!"

Andreas Z.

Privacy Bastion member

"You can limit how easily your information is used by removing it from the data brokers' websites using services like Privacy Bastion or by opting out yourself manually, which is a time-consuming procedure."

Lorenzo M.

Privacy Bastion member

"Privacy Bastion's service was excellent. After you enter your information, everything is automated and erased from various sites in a matter of days to weeks. It discovered six records about me, four of which were deleted within three weeks."

Thomas B.

Privacy Bastion member